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Business Owners Dental Insurance – Getting Low Rate Discounts

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Living without dental insurance coverage can cause someone unnecessary pain and discomfort from dental problems gone untreated. Being able to afford dental work without insurance coverage is very difficult. The problem many business owners have is they don’t have an employer to handle the costs of coverage or at least to help offset them. They have to come out of pocket for the full amount of the premiums. There are ways for small business owners to get dental insurance at discounted rates, however. One of the following three methods may work for you.

1) State funded health and dental insurance programs for the self employed. Most states have good programs to provide some form of dental coverage to self employed business owners. The specifics of how each state’s program works are different so make sure to contact your state health department for information. Some plans will provide coverage for all dental work, some only for maintenance and prevention procedures. Some plans will come with co pays or deposits, some will cover 100% of the cost.

2) Networking groups. Many self employed people belong to networking groups that have many other business owners as members. Getting a group of these business owners together to form a dental insurance group is usually very easy as many of them will have the same needs as you. If you apply for coverage as a group, each person will realize big discounts on the cost of their individual policy.

3) Social clubs. There are many clubs and organizations that you may belong to where you can do the same thing as you can within the networking groups. Keep in mind that it is sometimes customary for the person who forms and organizes the group to get a bigger discount on their policy, or even to get it free.

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