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Dental Insurance – Do I Really Need Dental Insurance?

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The question “Do I need dental insurance?” seems to be asked more and more these days. The simple answer to this question is that having any sort of insurance is important for that time when you need it the most. With that said, the best answer would be that those that are younger and who are in good health may not need dental insurance.

If you know that you take care of your teeth and they are in good condition then dental insurance might not be for you. If you only do semi-annual dentist visits for checkups and cleanings then insurance might not be necessary. For those that have a long history of dental problems dental insurance might be the way to go. However, even then you can sign up for one of those discounted dental plans that offer big discounts for all dental treatments for a small annual fee.

Even with our water containing fluoride many people continue to get cavities and need root canals. Many seem not to pay attention to their oral health compared to their regular health care. There are many things that will determine your oral health. These can include how you take care of your teeth, eating habits, and even stress can be a big factor.

If you do consider getting any sort of coverage, be sure to check the various types that are available. There are dental indemnity plans that cover your basic services and part of major treatments with very little out of pocket costs. You can also choose to go with a HMO dental plan which is similar to a health HMO plan. You pay certain monthly cost for coverage and the plans are state regulated. If you don’t want any sort of insurance type of plan you can enroll in a discounted dental plan.

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